The club works on a convenient subscription basis. You have the ability to customise every detail of your favourite Paul Cluver wine shipment, including the number of cases and how frequently you’d like us to ring your doorbell (every 3, 4 or 6 months). You can skip any shipment that you do not wish to purchase, or you can opt to ship immediately by logging into your profile and shopping as normal. Please note that club options are only available for South African residents. 



Click the “Join Now” button below to complete the sign-up form, customise your shipments, select a case or more of your favourite Paul Cluver wines and start enjoy your club benefits! Keep an eye out for our club emails, as you will be sent reminders and updates about your upcoming shipments.


Yes. You will receive an email when you sign up. An email will be sent two weeks before your next club shipment and a second reminder email two days before your next club shipment. Should you not wish to buy that club shipment you can press the "skip shipment" button in the emails.
Delivery of your club shipments will take 2-5 working days to be delivered. We deliver to your chosen address anywhere in South Africa.
Yes. You can change your frequency of shipments, what wine you would like and how much wine you would like all from your Paul Cluver website profile.
Your membership lasts indefinitely until you decide that you no longer want to be part of the Clüver Club.
You can cancel your membership at anytime through your online profile.
You always of the option of shipping your order immediately. Sign into your profile and continue shopping as normal.
Yes, the cost is R1. This R1 transaction is needed to assign a ‘token’ to your debit or credit card. This process is called the ‘tokenisation’ of a card and is required by PayGate, the payment gateway we use. The ‘token’ is a unique code assigned to the card. This code, instead of the card number, is used to process future transactions. It is a safe process and used by many institutions and companies for recurring online payments. PayGate uses PayVault to store their clients’ card details in PayGate’s PCI DSS Level 1 database.
Yes. Paul Cluver wines does not keep your card details. When you join, your card is ‘tokenised’ by a R1 joining transaction. This means a unique code, called a ‘token’, is assigned to your card. This code – not your card number – will be used for future transactions. PayGate, the payment gateway we use, will store your card details in PayVault. Read more about PayVault here.
Yes. You can do this by logging into your Paul Cluver Wines account. If we notice that your payment has bounced, we will contact you. You are also welcome to contact with any queries about payment.
A reminder will be sent to your email address two weeks before your payment for your next shipment is due. A follow-up email will be sent two days before the payment is due. An additional email will be sent to notify you that your wine is on the way once your fee is automatically deducted. Please remember that should you not wish to purchase a shipment you can click the "skip shipment" button on the reminder emails and the fee for that shipment will not be deducted.
You are welcome to contact Tegan via email should you have any more questions about the Clüver Club.