Our Vineyards

Influenced by altitude, slope, prevailing winds and sunlight interception the cool Elgin Terrior leads to extended ripening period on the vine. Later ripening, closer to autumn, mean considerable diurnal temperature variation. This slows down sugar development, allowing the accumulation of more aroma, flavour and the retention of higher acidity. Resulting in naturally balanced wine with complex flavours.

The Elgin valley’s geography and climate makes it unique. We are nestled in an inland mountain plateau with close proximity to the ocean, encapsulated by the UNESCO Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. Our Pinot noir and Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc grow in Bokkeveld Shale soils, where as the Riesling vines grow in Fericrete soils. The average height of our vines are between 300 and 400 meters above sea-level; the highest lying vineyards being 500 meters above sea-level.

The family pursues sustainable agriculture and has been given international recognition for its farming practices.
These awards include the Drinks Business Green Awards Lifetime achievement, and the Nedbank Green Award for Best Environmental Farming Practises and Nedbank Leader in Water Conservation.
We are also a champion farm for Biodiversity in Wine.

Mindful of our social responsibility, the family has founded and continues to mentor two schools and the Thandi empowerment project.